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Mountain High! Please Help!

Can anyone help me find information out about Y5s next cross-curricular topic 'Mountain High'?


What types of mountains are there?


Can you name any well known mountains or mountain ranges?


Are there any famous explorers?


What is the tallest mountain in the UK?


Has anyone ever visited/climbed any mountains or do you know anyone in your family who has?


Thank you for your help smiley


Mr Lowe


Our Class Novel

Good Afternoon Y4/5 L,

I am very impressed with the amount of pupils' who are completing extra work at home, please continue to do this.   : )


This weeks' blog question is;

- What can you tell me about our class novel so far? (name of book and main characters)


Hope you have a good afternoon,

Mr Lowe : D


Good Morning Y4/5 L,

Thank you for all your replies last week. In response to Mrs Bruen's post can I encourage more pupils from our class to start using the schools blog pages and begin getting their own accounts and weemees.

This weeks question;

- What do you know about E-Safety?


Have a good day!

Mr Lowe

Farm Trip

Good Morning Y4/5 L,

I was very happy with all the replies to our first blog last week, so please keep it up. Did you all enjoy seeing the school farm last week? What was your favourite part?

Task - Can you find a hyperlink to a webpage which tells us appropriate information about a fox and insert some good fox images as well?

Have a lovely week,

  Mr Lowe 

Our First Blog : )

Hello Y4/5L, I hope you have had a good first two weeks in your new class.

Here is our first blog question;

If you could go on any school trip this year, where would you like to go and why?

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