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So yesterday we went on the giant swing, trapeze, orienteering, quad bikes & zip wire. Everyone attempted everything & everyone from all the 3 groups completed the quad biking & orienteering! Big achievement - well done!!


The disco was fun but we were all ready for our beds by the end of it! We listened to messages from home & talked about all of our achievements that day. All of the children have been superstars on their own successes this week. Yesterday some children who really stood out for grit  & determination were Keira B who hoisted the giant swing up for 2 groups!! Charlie who made it up the trapeze pole & off the top in 30 seconds flat!!! & Ciara who completed the zip wire!!


We have such fun over the week & we ended it by getting very, very, very wet!!!!!! Kayaking! It was great fun having a splash about together as one big group;))


We will post one more blog to tell everyone who our stars have been today after lunch.


We all have husky voices from shouting encouragement, screaming with terror/delight depending on the activity & from chatting & singing. Our legs are tired, muscles ache & we can't wait for hot baths & our favourite thing for tea. Liam can't wait to see his dog! 

Miss you all ~ love Y6 x x

Days 4 & 5

Good morning everyone!! 


Well, we were awoken with a start this morning!! The fire alarm was going off!! At 6:40am!! It turned out a teacher from another school had sprayed too much lynx in their room. We had to wait outside in our pjs then it went off again!! Never mind. It won't spoil our fun x x

Day 3

Good morning everyone & thank you for all of your messages. We read them out last night. Charlie pants is doing great & Shinade still hasn't been sleep walking! We will take you through each of our groups & how we got on in our activities. We spent the whole day together as a big group so we got to  see each other achieve great things & compete against one another!!

We all tried Jacob's ladder in the morning & raft building in the afternoon.


Team Perfect

Team Perfect all tried Jacob's ladder & some of us reached the very top! Jackson reached the top twice, Graham, (we will check later if anyone else reached the top!)


In the afternoon we built the steadiest raft & it didn't fall apart at all! We thought we should've won the team raft competition but we didn't......


Team Radical

Everyone tried Jacob's ladder, Emily S was the only one who made the whole ladder!! Well done Emily S!! We were really proud of Mckenzie who said 'I know in my heart I can try this' - what a great motto for our holiday! 

The raft we built fell to pieces & there was a dramatic moment when it split in two & everyone got soaked!!! Miss Radcliffe had to swim with Damien in tandem. We all had a great laugh together. 


Team Fabulous

We all tried the ladder & were determined to get as high as we could. Harvey, Freddie, Shinade, Charlie, Lauren & Mollie made it to the very top. 


In the afternoon, our raft was a bit touch & go at times!! Shinade was overboard at one point & that lake was freezing. Ha ha! We won the challenge!!! Mainly due to Liam leaping off the raft & swimming for objects. 


We ended the raft building with a big domino rally for those who were brave enough, all the teachers were on the rafts & joined us for getting soaked by falling backwards in a linked up chain. We all needed a hot shower & a hot meal after so many hours on the lake. We could've happily got our pjs on after tea but we had a nighttime activity to do. We did orienteering in the dark & then got cosy in the games room to listen to all of your messages - please tell all of the other parents that we'd love to hear from them. 


Our breakfast was mega early this morning & the teachers had to wake us all up - even Harvey! Everyone can't believe it's our last night tonight, it's flown by! Today we have- quad bikes, trapeze, giant swing, orienteering, zip wire & our D I S C O tonight! We are very excited & will keep you all updated. 


Lots of love from Y6 x x x

Day 2 Team Fabulous

Hello! Yesterday we had a really fabulous day!! 


We experienced the tunnel trail, the super high ropes then the afternoon activities which were rifle shooting & zip wire.


Our first instructor was amazed because every one of us completed the whole of the tunnel trails which were underground & pitch black ~ scary! We all agreed that there was amazing team work especially to help Sade who was terrified but did it anyway. Freddie, Shinade & Lauren really helped her to face her fears. Sade was our star in that activity!


Next we faced the high ropes!!! OMG - super scary!! Every one of us tried it & some of us made it all the way around! Charlie, Keira D, Harvey, Joshua, Freddie, Liam, Lauren & Shinade made it the whole way. Our superstar was Shinade who tried once, came back down then went back & completed it on her second attempt. Pure determination & a massive group hug from all of team fabulous when she did it! 


After lunch we we went rifle shooting & Mollie was amazing at that ~ hitting the bullseye! We all took part & encouraged one another. 


Our final activity was zip wire which we all did! We were super proud of Sade & Mollie who faced heights & Freddie made us all laugh by going the whole way without even holding on.


Bye for now x x


Day 2 - Team Perfect

Miss Preston had a great day with her team! They did high ropes, tunnelling, rifle shooting & zip wire.

The whole team attempted everything! Congratulations to Graham who not only completed the high ropes but was also like a mr motivator to all the other children. Jackson, Caitlin, Libby, Paige, Keira B & Jodie made it all the way around the terrifying high, high ropes!! Everybody went into the tunnels - the real stars of that activity were Sarah, Jackson, Jordan & Libby who completed the whole course. Everybody did the zip wire & we were really proud of Emily F & Sarah who faced their fear of heights!!  For the rifle shooting, Keira B had a mean aim!! 


All in all a fab day for a team who really motivated one another to try their best at everything.


The whole of Y6 have been eating well & enjoying the full English breakfasts x x x

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