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What do you think about our school?

Hi children I hope you are all having a great Summer term!

I was talking to a friend of mine last week who works at another school in wigan. My friend was telling me what it was like teaching in her school. She was telling me all about the many interesting things they have been doing this year and how the children in her school are always commenting upon what life is like at their school.

She asked me what children at Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary school thought about their school. This got me thinking...

I would like to create a booklet of comments about our school by the children who go to our school. After all it's your school so what you think is very important!

You could help me by leaving a comment on this blog telling me what you think about life at Saint Patrick's Primary School. All comments posted will be placed in my special book.

If you are struggling to think about what yo could comment on here are some ideas.

  • How do you feel about attending school?
  • How does school make you feel?
  • What have you enjoyed this year?
  • What has been you favourite experinece so far at school?
  • How has school helped you?
  • What could we do to make Saint Patrick's better?
  • How has our school imporved over the past few years?
  • What makes our school special?

We want to make this booklet of comments the best and biggest ever! Once you have read and commented this please ask your friends in school to also read and comment. If you or a friend does not have your own blog login please ask your class teacher if you can comment using your class blog we want as many individual comments as possible.

Thank you for all your help.

Mrs Hob smiley

Bowland Farm

Hi Children and Staff,  I am writng today to seek your opinion. We have recently had a visit for all children in school from Bowland Farm. I am asking if you could blog me your reviews for the visit. At the moment I am creating a book with evidence of all our trips and visitors. In the book will be photographs, comments from the person who has visted us or who we have visited and hopefully your comments. I will print blogged comments from you and put them in my book. In you comment could you tell me :- * What you thought about the visit. * Your best bit. * Did you learn anything new? What was it? * Anything you didn't like. * would you like the farm to come again. * How would you rate the visit out of 10. Thank you for all your help children and staff.

ICT in school

Hello everyone!Some children will know that I have been doing lots of child interviews in school the past few weeks. However I am unable to talk to everyone. I think it is very important to find out what children at school think about their learning.I would really like it if you could think about ways I can improve ICT learning at Saint Patrick's RC Primary School. During my child interviews I had lots of excellent ideas given to me but now I want to know what you think. Please comment to this blog with you ideas. It may be things I could buy, new things you would like to learn or maybe an idea for an ICT club?Thank you for your helpMrs Hob XX:)

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Hello everyone! My name is Mrs Hobden and I'm the Middle Years unit manager at Saint Patrick's RC Primary School. It is part of my job at school to look after all the ICT learning that happens. I also have other interests outside of school. I enjoy watching my favourite rugby team 'The Wigan Warriors', reading lots of books , shopping and having my nails done!

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