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Sports Relief!

Hello children, Are you looking forward to your sponsored run on Friday 18th March? Visit the school council web page to remind yourselves of the plan for the day. Next week you will be getting your sponsor forms to start raising money for this special charity. Good luck and please remember the rules for getting sponsors safely! All sponsor money must be given into the office no later than Monday 14th March 2016. Sponsor money must be given to the office staff in an envelope with your name, class and amount you have raised. Many thanks, Mrs Barry xxx P.S Don't forget to pick up a Sports Relief pen from West Wing at playtime! They cost \xa31 and 70p of each pound is directly donated to the charity.

To Y4/5L

Are you excited to visit the Spaceport in Liverpool?


Can you use Kidrex to open a webpage and copy and paste information to tell me something about where you are going?


Thank you.


Mrs Barry x

Can you cheer me up?

Hello children,I'm sure you have noticed that I am not in school at the moment because I am poorly.  ;(
I am getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water to help me get better so I can be back with you very soon ... BUT I do need cheering up!  :(
Do you think you could spend me a joke to put a smile back on my face?  :)I would really appreciate it!See you soon, Mrs Barry 

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Hello everyone!

I am Mrs Barry. I work in Middle Years and teach Y2/3.

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