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Hello everyone,


We thought we would write a quick blog to tell you what we have been up to so far in 2017. We have been learning about the Vikings- so far we know where they came from, where they settled and about the first raid. Last week we took part in a Viking workshop- it was really good! We will put some photographs on the website! What have all the other classes been learning about?


Elise has some exciting news- she is getting a new caravan and they are going to base it on a Haven site. Zach is excited about a holiday to Ibiza in the summer, Scarlett might be getting a VR head set, Brooke E is going to Scotland in February,Lily is going to Centre Parcs, Ella is taking part in a cheerleading competition, Liam's family are planning a trip to Australia, Romey is in a gymnastics competiton, Harry is going back to Holland for a competition and Rhys is going to Benidorm! Does anybody have any news to share with us?


Have a good week,

from Y4HM

Boreatton day 1

Hello everyone! 

Sorry it has taken us until now to update the blog. Our journey here was very bumpy, lots of us felt sick but only one person was. Can you guess who it was? Let's just say we got great lodges! They are right by the lakes and have lots of handy short cuts.


We got into our 3 teams lead by Mrs Farrimond, Miss Preston & Miss Radcliffe. Teams Fabulous, Perfect & Radical respectively. 


Team Fabulous are: Joshua, Shinade, Liam, Freddie, Charlie, Sade, Harvey, Keira D, Lauren & Mollie????????????

Team Perfect are : Jodie, Sarah, Libby, Jordan, Caitlin, Jackson, Paige, Emily F, Keira B & Graham ????????????

Team Radical are: Emily S, Chantelle, Angeline, Damien, Emily M, Ciara, Matthew, Jack & Mckenzie????????????


We were all very excited to move into our rooms, get unpacked & get food???????????? including singing happy birthday to Jordan & giving him cake ???????? 


We will update you about our adventures soon ???? we all send our love to our families & friends & the rest of Y6. Liam says the staff are all lovely x

School Council Short Listing

Hi children!

Thank you to everyone who applied to be this year's school council representatives. The foundation members have met and have short listed each classes applications down to four. It is now down to each class to listen to your short listed candidates reasons for wanting to be elected and to vote for the two representatives. Unfortunately, some classes had no one apply or not enough children apply to short list down to four. Details of all short listed children will be put on the school council notice board in the hall before hymns on Monday. Please decide on representatives for the first Monday back after half term. If no one applied in your class, please hold class elections and short listing asap. 

Thank you,

From Miss Hill


Day 4

Hi all! The children have had a very exciting but exhausting day and went to bed straight after the disco so just a short blog tonight! We have had an excellent day and the children really enjoyed their disco tonight! We will let them tell you all the details tomorrow when they are home. We are expecting to be back between 4 and 4:30pm tomorrow.


Thank you for the replies, we will read them to the children in the morning. 

From Miss Hill, Mrs Farrimond and Miss Grant

Day three!

Hello again! Can we start by congratulating Daniel and Kyle personally today for over coming their fears and trying the high activities!


The girls have had a fabulous day- it is Cammies birthday and we have had a cake and the girls have had an amazing time together.


The rafts were not brilliant but we had a brilliant time! It was very cold and wet but we had lots of fun! Leah U was petrified but persevered! Alfie had us all in military training- this was very handy for the giant swing!


Tonight  we are going to a huge camp fire which is why we are blogging early! Tomorrow we are canoeing (we love the water sports!) and then in the afternoon the boys are trying archery and the climbing wall and the girls are abseiling off a cliff and then doing the challenge course! We will swap activities on Friday morning!


Thanks for the replies!


Bye for now! 

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