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Doesn't time fly?

Hello everyone,


I'm giving Mrs Bruen a helping hand by writing the blog this week.


I can't believe it's almost half term already - just this final week to go!  What have you most enjoyed learning during this half term?

Are you looking forward to the Monster's Ball this Friday?  It should be an enjoyable day for all of us.


It was lovely to see such an improvement this week in the number of replies to Mrs Bruen's blog.  I hope North Unit have sorted out their new slot on the timetable.


Work hard, but remember to take time to smile.


Miss Tracey


Nearly half term!

Hello Y4/5T!

Well, can you believe we are nearly at the end of the first half term already?

What have you most enjoyed learning this half term?

What would you like to find out during our new topic about the Vikings?

Miss Tracey.

The new Y4/5T

Hello everyone!

You have all had a few weeks to settle into our new class now and I hope you are enjoying it.

On Friday I discovered that I have some fabulous poets in my literacy group as the children all wrote me some superb poems about a fox.

Are the any more great poets out there?  Can you also write me a great poem?  It could be about anything.

I look forward to reading your replies,

Miss Tracey.

Enterprise ideas

Hello everyone!

Well Y4/5, the SATs are finally over for us (unless you've been absent and need to catch up!).  This week we begin our enterprise week and will be designing and making products to sell.  Have you any good product ideas?  


3 word challenge:

Can you create a short piece of writing that includes the following three words?

Sympathise,  abundant,  demonstrate

Your writing may only be a couple of sentences long - that might be all you need.


Happy writing!

Welcome back!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the half term holidays.  Did anybody do anything exciting or go anywhere interesting?  I enjoyed a day at the zoo and another day in the Lake District.

Well, can you believe we only have half a term left of this school year?  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

This week I'm going to make a prediction.... Are you ready? Think of a number.  Now double it.  Add 70. Divide your answer by 2.  Finally take away your original number.  Is your answer 35?  

Enjoy your week and work hard!:)

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