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Hi every one  hope you had a great time in school all year

Back to school

Dear miss bruen,


Iam really exsited to come back to school  i also can not wait for siting down in my chair and having my math,litrasy,reading and sbag books in front of me.I also can not wait to sit in my confy chair and i am going to clean up the back of my chair.


 Have a good week,


Frankie Barnettcool

back to school



evrone are you ready to go back to school


because I am

Frankie b

winter holiday



My winter holiday was fun. I went to nans house on christmas day, she had tuns of  presents for me and my sister. I also got £85.00, I am going to spend it on more toys.


Did you have a good christmas?


hope you did








christmas is in 24 days


frankie bcool

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