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all about the farm

hi everyone


so yesterday the farm came what was you faverout animal? for me was the sheep what was yours .


from Jessica smiley.


time is passing by


this year is going so fast. and its 8 days till my birthday ;3 evry Monday I am going to post a blog this is I really short blog because it was just a little messige mail


from Jessica ryes

nealy my bithday


its nealy my birthday on my birthday we are going chester zoocheeky I am really exited I whant to be partners with Josh.he is really funy coolor partners with lucy I whan some heelys for my birthday I really whant skate 3 as well

from Jessica Ryes


firs ever post

this is my first ever postsmiley I am leaning how to make the writing different  I now how to do some things  I hope you all had a good half term yesterday I went to a party with my friends I am happy that I got a password


from Jessica Ryes


hello everyone,

Yesterday Bowland farm come to our school it was really fun what do you think about Bowland farm tell me in the comment box.

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