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Who is your best player fo Wigan

Who is your best  player for the Wigan Warriors 

take a shot

hello at home i have been reading a book this book is called ******* in this book things get measy this boys grandma needs medicen he's called ****** the athur is Roald Dahl do you now what book im reading.

Can`t wait till Tuesday the 14 of october

Dear Y6`s

I can`t wait to go Quarry bank mill it will be fantastic to be there.

they might be activities there but still it will be brilliant and joyable.

it can help us with our cross curricular work on the Indusrial revolution

and history of the Quarry Bank Mill and its a factory and lots of machines there.


From Jodave smiley

I can't wait when It's SUMMER

Dear Everyone


I had brilliant time in Saint Patrick's and  I was a New Boy at Saint Patricks at September  I Thought I was going  to be bullied at the Y6's and they Didn't bully me.In my old school when Iwas Year 4 people in Y6 kept bullying me so I am thanking Saint Patrick's what you've done to me so I appreciate  You all  and  the best school was Saint Patrick . There is Two More days till The Summer Holiday



from Jodave


Easter 2014


I have been thinking about what to do on my easter egg for the competition,and I havent thought obout what to do. But I'm sure I'll think of something soon. What are you doing? I think We (Y6) are so lucky this year because we get two discos in a month!! good luck every one with you're easter eggs!!


  P.S thankyou for our prize


  Alisha xx  kiss

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