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On holiday


Dear every one reading this blog

Today I am on holiday in golden sands in North Wales it took us more than it should take, its supposed to take us 1 and a half hours to get here but it took us 3 hours because the traffic was very bad. Have a lovey day.

Thomas Robinson

mr parnell

Mr Parnell is the best teacher ever the price for spaceport for children is 156 and for 2 adults it is 174 pound.



hope you have enjoyed the holidays only two more day left of the holidays have you bin to enywere hope yo have

the fantastic wonderful holiday's

hope you have enjoyed your holiday's so fare what have you been doing in the holiday ?  I've had a wonderful holiday's .


lots of love

callum o

callum o

  1. I love playing my fraviorite games are rugby , football ,tennis , cricket , and dodgeball

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