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My password

Hello Mrs Bruen I would like to say thank you for giving me my password for the Blog I can not wait to show you are school play on Thursday

hello evry body

hello everybody,

 Did you have you had a good weekend? I did I went to my granddads. I cant wait to go to school on Tuesday it will be a good week at school and Tuesday is my lucky day ever in the week .I am going to ask some things to people.


Katie B did you have a good week end because  I did?


Liam B are looking foreword to school on Tuesday?


that all froe now

bye Caitlin Clarke

the moon aclips


the moon is going to go over the sun omg . dose any one no how long is the moon going to stay like that?


how is everyone today hope you have a good firiday hope you have fun



from Caitlin Clarke  byye

its monday



  today is Monday and we are in school how cool I have to go beacuse we are going to take the register



We are back to school...

Hello everyone,

  today we are back in to school yes I love school. My fave in school is ...

P.E I love it is the firs school back yesssssssss.smileyi love school

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